Why to adopt better hygiene ?

Available methods of domestic hygiene.

What are Toilet Washers or Bidets ?

How does it work ?

Benefits of Aquaclean Toilet Washers / Bidets.

What are the available types?

How to install ?

Where can I get one ?

Why to adopt better hygiene ?

  1. A recent World Health Organisation (WHO) report states that Diarrheal diseases are the second leading cause of child deaths in the world. Every year 0.85 million children die from diarrhoea. 88% of these deaths are caused by poor sanitation and unimproved water
  2. Sanitation, or hygiene is a major cause of diseases like
    • cholera
    • typhoid
    • hepatitis
    • polio
    • cryptosporidiosis
    • ascariasis and
    • schistosomiasis
  3. Sanitation remains a neglected issue with financial investments representing only 1/5 of the total water, sanitation and hygiene sector expenditure.
  4. If the world were to go in for a clean-up act, it would mean a total productivity gain of a whopping $9.9 bn per year.
  5. It is estimated that 443 million school days are lost every year due to WASH related diseases.
  6. WHO estimates that a rate of return of $5 for each $1 invested in water & sanitation, depending on the context and system adopted.
  7. Diarrhoeal diseases caused by inadequate sanitation and unhygienic conditions put children at multiple risks leading vitamin and mineral deficiencies, high morbidity, stunting and death.
  8. Domestic hygiene acts as the primary barrier for preventing excreted pathogens from entering the environment.
  9. Studies have estimated that improved sanitation can contribute to an approximate one third reduction in diarrhoeal diseases.
  10. Adopting better domestic hygiene is the need of our country for better economic growth and social welfare


Available methods of domestic hygiene

  1. Using hands, tumblers for cleaning after toilet.
  2. Use of Toilet papers.
  3. Use of Handheld sprays.


Problem with use of hand, tumblers

  1. Viral infection is a possibility.
    • Almost 80 percent of all infectious diseases are passed on by human contact and that only about half of us actually wash our hands properly after the toilet.


Problem with use of Toilet Paper

  1. Not enough for hygiene.
    1. The use of dry paper can lead to irritation, and never clean you completely which over time can cause bacteria growth and infections.
    2. Paper is just a good way to spread around bacteria that can lead to hemorrhoids, and possibly bladder, and urinary tract infections.
  2. Cutting down a mature tree to make a product that’s going to be thrown away (toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, facial tissues, etc.) is an environmental tragedy virtually any way you look at it.
  3. The Process Used to Make Your Toilet Paper White Is Toxic.
  4. Toilet Paper costs us money 


Problem with use of handheld spray

  1. Not convenient to use, we have to bend our backbone to use it.
  2. Very difficult to use for children, elderly and disabled people.
  3. Very high chances of touching excreta and spreading infections.
  4. Water is spilled around.
  5. More water is wasted.
  6. Can’t keep the toilet surface dry.


What are Aquaclean Toilet Washers ?

  1. A TOILET WASHER / BIDET is a nozzle attached to an existing western toilet commode.
  2. Here water is sprayed by a retractable nozzle which gently targets water towards the perineum area.


How does it work ?

  1. Aquaclean Toilet washers utilize the water pressure for the operation.
  2. Depending on the product type, user has to push the Lever or turn the knob to use a washer / bidet.


Benefits of Aquaclean Toilet Washers / Bidets. ?

  1. Hands free cleaning
    1. No chance of spreading germs.
    2. Avoid many diseases.
  2. Very convenient to use
    1. Feel fresh like never before.
    2. Blessing for senior citizens.
    3. Fun to use for young ones.
  3. Medical Benefits
    1. Helps people with limited strength in hands, backbone.
    2. Helps in piles (Hemorrhoids).
    3. Helps women during menstruation & pregnancy.


Benefits of Aquaclean Toilet Washers / Bidets.

    1. Eco friendly
      1. Saves up to 90 % water.
      2. Saves trees to be cut for toilet paper.
    2. Keeps the toilet dry
      1. Avoid slippery toilet surface.
      2. Avoid bacteria generation due to moisture.
    3. Space saving
      1. Does not take extra space.
      2. Easy to install


What are the available types ?

Aquaclean Smart Bidet z10/Toilet Washer

Without Electricity, Only conect to the water tube.Work without batteries or electricity.

  1. Separate control for male & female wash.
  2. Soft close flap
  3. Self cleaning sprayer
  4. Rear cleaning
  5. Front cleaning (Female washing)
  6. Soft close lid and seat buffer (slow down)
  7. 7. Water Pressure Adjustment

Aquaclean Lever Toilet Washer

  1. Convenient Lever Control
  2. Automatic Spray stop function
  3. Self Nozzle cleaning
  4. Strong but soft & gentle water spray
  5. Slim but strong body
  6. Durable due to ceramic catridge.

Aquaclean Micro Washer

  1. Water pressure control
  2. 3 step Vertical sliding nozzle
  3. Nozzle cover allows it remain clean all the time
  4. Nozzle is self cleaned before and after use
  5. Fits on all types of commodes
  6. Controller can be installed on left or right side
  7. Easy to clean – all parts easily detachable

Aquaclean Knob Bidet MJ 01

  1. Cold water spray
  2. Self cleaning nozzle
  3. Knob control
  4. Adjustable water spray
  5. Easy installation

Aquaclean Knob Bidet MJ 02

  1. Hot & Cold water spray
  2. Self cleaning nozzle & double knobs
  3. Temperature control
  4. Adjustable water spray

Aquaclean Simple Bidet MJ 03

  1. Cold water spray
  2. Self cleaning nozzle
  3. Adjustable water spray
  4. Easy installation

Aquaclean Smart BidetAquaclean-Smart-Bidet1




















Aquaclean Knob Bidet MJ-01






Aquaclean Knob Bidet MJ-02

site-img7Aquaclean Simple Bidet MJ03

How to install ?

Aquaclean Lever Washer Operation video

Aquaclean Micro Bidet Installation video


Where can I get one ?

You can contact us by phone or email